Welcome to Aulum-Haderup Anglers association (AHSF).

Come and check out Aulum-Haderup Angling Association’s beats in River Karup, and catch a glimpse of what you might experience along the River during summertime.


AHSF is a small anglers association in the heart of Jutland, which was founded back in 1975. The primary fishing possibilities covers many miles along the world famous Karup å and it’s smaller tributary, Haderis å. In both rivers Karup and Haderis it’s possible to catch world record sized Seatrouts. Furthermore AHSF has access to the river Stor Å upstream the city of Holstebro, where Salmon and Seatrout are caught every year.

Along the riverside you will discover the beauty and wildlife of Karup Å. Though a few river stretches are very popular, most of the river stretches which reside under AHSF is never overcrowded, which always makes it possible to find a quiet hot spot where the avid sportsman can immerse himself in the pursuit for the big Seatrouts.

All fishing methods with a fishing rod are allowed, but it is worth mentioning that the stretches available through AHSF are perfect for Fly-fishing. Catching a big Seatrout is not easy, but having made contact with one of the river giants, or simply just enjoying the beautiful scenery along the riverside, you risk getting hooked for life! You can see the latest catches in Karup Å here.

In AHSF we have no waiting list for new members. The attractive prices regarding membership can be found below:

Seniors AHSF                            155€

Seniors AHSF + HSF             242€

Spouses                                            95€

Juniors                                                 7€

Please note that AHSF has a mutual agreement with Herning Anglers Association (HSF) meaning memberships of both associations can be obtained for a modest additional cost on top of a normal senior membership fee. Normal price for membership of both associations is 323€. But you can obtain membership of both associations for just 242€. This gives you the unique opportunity to experience both world class Seatrout fishing in Karup Å and Salmon fishing in Skjern Å.

If you wish to obtain a membership you can by it here on ahsf.dk, please visit our Webshop to make your purchase.

For general questions regarding membership, please contact our chairman:
Jens Hvam
Løvigvej 4
DK-7540 Haderup
+45 2180 8687 or +45 9745 2652


It is also possible to obtain a day-permit to experience the fishing along the before mentioned rivers. The day-permit is valid for 24 hours, beginning at a time designated by you, when you buy the permit. Prices are among the cheapest along the river, and are as listed below:

24-hours permit – Senior – Karup Å + Haderis Å + Storå 21/150Dkr.

24-hours permit – Senior – Haderis Å + Storå 10€/75Dkr.

24-hours permit – Junior (< 18 years) – Karup Å + Haderis Å + Storå 7€/50Dkr.

The day-permits can be purchased here and also online here.

Maps for day-permits

You can check out the possibilities for accommodation near the rivers here.  Apart from being reasonably priced, the accommodations are also beautifully situated right next to some of AHSF prime waters in Karup å.

Do you need a pro Guide for your fishing trip? Then follow this link.

You can find general information regarding where you are allowed to fish, rules, Tips & Tricks on our webpage AHSF. You can also visit us on Facebook here. Just look up “Aulum-Haderup Sportsfiskerforening” on Facebook, and you’ll be “hooked up” with the latest news from the fishing and AHSF in no time.

There is a set of “unwritten rules” which should be taken into account when fishing the River Karup. It is important to be considerate of others and their fishing, and thereby making an effort to treat others along the river, as you yourself wish to be treated.
Most anglers probably already know all about these “unwritten rules”. However, for new members of the Angling Associations along the River Karup, or anglers fishing on a day-permit and who do not yet know so much about river fishing in general, it would be fine just to consider the following, so you are off to a good start by the river.

Here comes a series of tips on how best to conduct your river fishing, thereby ensuring you get a good start on your fishing adventures along River Karup ?

Link: http://www.riverfisher.dk/2017/guidelines-for-river-fishing/

Unfortunately AHSF does not have the possibility to translate the complete content of our webpage, but we do have a couple of helpful members, who are more than happy to respond to inquiries from any anglers from abroad. Both speak English and German, so feel free to contact them.

Jan Rosenby
Gefionsvej 22
DK-7620 Lemvig
+45 2014 6468


Allan Johansen
Vibevej 6
DK-7540 Haderup

Hope to see you along the river.

Kind Regards